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Training and resources for knife retailers launched

Shops are being urged to ‘ASSESS-CHALLENGE-CHECK’ the age of buyers on and offline, as part of an initiative to stop illegal, underage knife sales.

As safe as houses - the role of North Yorkshire Police in designing out crime

Keeping homes and communities safe and secure is the essence of local policing and lies at the very heart of North Yorkshire Police. But did you know that the police could already be involved in keeping you and your home safe, before your house and surrounding neighbourhood has even been built?

Tens of thousands of Londoners set to enjoy secure new homes on three showcase developments – thanks to Secured by Design and the Metropolitan Police

Nearly 24,000 new homes on three huge developments to the North and East of London at Barking Riverside, Beam Park and Meridian Water – each with its own train station – are all going to meet the Secured by Design (SBD) ‘Silver Award’ crime prevention standards.

Homes for ex-Service heroes and their families at an ‘island of tranquillity’ within Greater London receive a Secured by Design Gold Award

Ex-Service personnel, including some that have been severely wounded in the line of duty, can look forward to moving into new, purpose-built homes, which have achieved the highest standards of security awarded by Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative.

How Plymouth’s uniformed PARC Rangers are working with businesses in the city centre to reduce crime and support police

At the time Ian Warmington took over as Co-ordinator of Plymouth Against Retail Crime (PARC), he did so with more than 25 years retail experience under his belt and a desire to provide practical, front-line support to businesses in a way that hadn’t been delivered before in the City centre.

Helping to secure your home - crime prevention tips from unique garden can add security to your home

The ‘Safe & Secure’ crime prevention garden that proved such a hit at the at this year’s Royal Horticultural Society Hyde Hall Flower Show had many techniques incorporated into it to deter opportunistic burglars – and these techniques can be used in any front or rear garden.

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