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Head of PCPI Police Crime Prevention Academy is VIP speaker at International Conference of Crime Prevention in Dubai

Guy Collyer, Head of PCPI’s Police Crime Prevention Academy is one of the VIP speakers at The International Conference of Crime Prevention in Dubai this week.

“This course will provide our staff with the theory and practical experience to enable them to make a positive impact and reduce violent crime across London”

The Metropolitan Police Service are leading the way in investing in crime prevention qualifications for their staff, with a further twelve officers undertaking the Level 3 Introduction to Crime Prevention qualification delivered by the Police Crime Prevention Academy.

Police Crime Prevention Academy deliver more accredited crime prevention qualifications to police and security teams from across the UK

Five police forces, a Civil Service Security Team and Warwickshire County Council are the latest organisations to have their staff undertake accredited crime prevention qualifications from The Police Crime Prevention Academy.

"Dyfed-Powys Police recognise the importance and benefit of crime prevention being pivotal to problem solving"

Officers from Dyfed-Powys Police have been presented with their Crime Prevention qualification certificates from the force’s Head of Uniformed Policing this week.

Double recognition for the Police Digital Security Centre

The newly formed Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) is already achieving recognition, both being nominated for the 2019 Tackling Economic Crime Awards and having its National Cyber Lead Neil Sinclair recognised as one of London's Most Influential People 2019 by The Progress 1000.

B-Cam – leading the way in body worn camera solutions

Mention body worn cameras and the natural assumption is that there would be a very niche market for these products, comprising of the police service and a small number of other statutory bodies.

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