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DOCOs from Cheshire Constabulary undertake Diploma in Designing Out Crime

DOCOs (Designing Out Crime Officers) from Cheshire Constabulary are amongst the latest to undertake the Police Crime Prevention Academy’s accredited Level 5 Diploma in Crime Prevention - Designing Out Crime qualification via a Recognition of Prior Experience and Learning (RPEL) pathway.

Prestige Products & Surrey Police collaborate to keep family safe

Surrey Police recently called upon Secured by Design (SBD) member company Prestige Products to assist them with protective measures for a family at risk.

Constabularies undertake Distance Learning qualification

Two police forces from the South-West are the first to undertake the Police Crime Prevention Academy’s recently launched distance learning qualifications, which can be achieved without the need to be away from home or work.

OWL assists police with arrests and safe return of missing persons

Secured by Design (SBD) member company Direct Path Solutions have had a number of significant successes recently, with their OWL (Online Link Watch) system leading to many arrests and the safe return of a number of missing vulnerable people across the UK.

PDSC & LM Forums Cyber Insurance Working Group

The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) is proud to support and participate in a new industry-led Working Group to develop a national cyber insurance standard for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Waste sites reopen in London and Surrey with help from ‘CSAS staff’

A traffic management, stewarding and security company put together detailed plans at very short notice for the reopening of six waste and recycling centres in North London following the Government’s easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions – before deploying its own staff with specialist police powers to manage the queues and ensure the flow of through-traffic.

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