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UK SMEs: The importance of cyber security

As part of Cyber Security Month Michelle Kradolfer, Cyber Development Officer at the Police Digital Security Centre looks at the cyber security landscape, how SME’s can test their cyber security resilience and the simple steps that SME’s can take to improve it.

Free webinar for businesses in London Bridge

The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC), Metropolitan Police and Team London Bridge BID are collaborating to deliver a free cyber security webinar for London Bridge businesses.

PDSC & BSI launch series of cyber security webinars

Putting cyber security in place and developing strategies to manage security risks doesn’t have to break your business, but it can certainly help save it.

National Home Security Month - How does remote monitoring work?

October is National Home Security Month, with this week’s focus being on burglar alarms. Today’s we look at remote monitoring.

Safer Streets Specialised Workshop

The Police Crime Prevention Academy is offering specialised support to Police & Crime Commissioners (PCCs) in England and Wales who have been successful with their Safer Streets Fund bids.

The benefits of compliant security systems

October is National Home Security Month and the focus of this week’s crime prevention advice is burglar alarms.

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