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SeeQuestor: Enabling police to review thousands of hours of video in a fraction of the time

A company that can assist police by quickly scanning large volumes of CCTV footage and other video data to identify critical leads for criminal investigations, has renewed its membership with Secured by Design (SBD), the official police security initiative.

PDSC supports Back to Business Fund

The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) is proud to be supporting the Mayor of London and London Business Hub’s ‘Back to Business’ Fund, which enables small and independent businesses to raise vital capital, rebuild and recover from the impact of COVID-19 through crowdfunding.

Theft of metals, a crime that affects us all

You may well think that the theft of metal doesn’t affect you. However just look around you - your car has a very desirable catalytic convertor on its exhaust system, a roof has lead if not for the whole roof then in places and in the ground there is cabling for utilities such as telecommunications.

Officers from eight police forces undertake Level 4 Crime Prevention qualification

Officers from eight police forces across the country are amongst the latest to undertake the accredited Level 4 Certificate in Crime Prevention for Practitioners qualification delivered by the Police Crime Prevention Academy.

Industry associations come together to highlight benefits of compliant security systems

Security systems are one of the many essential tools in the fight against crime, and in particular burglary, theft and robbery. Academic research shows professionally installed alarm systems provide a greater deterrent and properties fitted out with them are less likely to be targeted by criminals, who know they may well be monitored. Burglars want easy pickings and avoid properties with effective security.

Ensure your garden is Safe & Secure as Autumn draws in

For the past few years Essex Police have been working with the Royal Horticultural Society to promote and publicise the benefits of defensive planting as a crime prevention measure.

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