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Places of Worship

At the request of the Home Office, as part of their extremist agenda, Police CPI produced guidance for places of worship applying for the dedicated Places of Worship funding scheme.

The scheme provides for protective security measures at places of worship and associated faith community centres that are vulnerable to hate crime. By introducing the opportunities to 'Design out Crime' in the built environment it does not just apply to crimes such as anti-social behaviour and the like, it removes the opportunities from environments where all types of crimes can be potentially committed.

The Places of Worship scheme aims:

  • To provide security hardening measures for places of worship that are deemed to be vulnerable to criminal damage and extreme physical attacks
  • Through independent and expert review, identify places of worship at greatest risk of criminal damage and that would potentially benefit from the implementation of security hardening measures
  • Through provisions of measures, to provide a level of reassurance to places of worship

Police CPI continue to provide technical support and expertise in respect of the scheme and a member of the Police CPI Executive Team sits on the Home Office independent panel to help with bid applications.

For further information contact Michael Brooke